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The 17-year-old boy was spotted by a woman nearby who was checking on the horses with her binoculars

Former Ansells Brewery pub off M42 on Birmingham and Redditch border knocked down by Birmingham Irish Centre owners

A number of people have been issued with a £100 warning

A car and bus collided on Bunbury Road in Northfield

Brenda Blethyn has shared a glimpse of the script for her final series of ITV’s Vera before her character’s journey comes to an end

Calls have been made to introduce a graduated driving licence system that would put new restrictions on newly-qualified road users

Bank fees for making payments abroad or withdrawing money from an ATM aren’t immediately apparent and easy to miss

A nostalgic look back at Birmingham

Ali Abid, who runs two fast food shops in Birmingham, called on the council to improve it’s waste collection service

Sickening crimes exposed at court and through police thanks to the bravery of victims across the region