Players from Dundee United and Motherwell did not ‘take a knee’ prior to their games on Saturday to protest against racism.

The Dundee United squad stood prior to their game against Aberdeen, while Motherwell’s players also did so before their match at Kilmarnock, and have confirmed they will no longer kneel before games going forward.

Several English clubs have abandoned the ‘taking a knee’ protest and that strategy has now spread to Scotland, where players have responded to the alleged racist abuse of Rangers’ Glen Kamara by Slavia Prague player Ondrej Kudela in a Europa League match on Thursday night.

The Motherwell players said in a statement: “When we started taking the knee at the start of the season, it had an impact. For the first few weeks, the message was loud and clear. Now it has been lost.

“Taking a knee has become something someone does now for the sake of it. It has completely lost its meaning.

“As a squad, we spoke and asked ourselves ‘why are we doing this anymore? Is it having any impact at all?’. The answer was a clear no.

“Taking a knee has become an empty gesture. Instead, we want those in power to take real and immediate action on racism.

“Apathy and complacency have set into the routine. We want our actions to cause a realisation and a reaction. Racism is apparent everywhere in the day-to-day life of society. People need to realise change is required.

“Players, clubs, authorities and society now need to unite, and fight for a level playing field for all.”

Dundee United said in a post on Twitter: “We stand today with Glen Kamara, and others who suffer at the hands of racism. Today’s decision to stand rather than take the knee is a show of solidarity by our players to enhance the message that racism in any form is unacceptable and has no place anywhere in society.”

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