A cat was saved using CPR after firefighters rescued the unconscious kitty from a burnt out garage in Italy.

Footage from the scene in Montebello Vicentino, near Verona, shows the tabby receiving chest compressions and oxygen from a specialised mask.

The video starts with scenes of a blackened room with an ash covered car.

As the camera moves outside, the cat can be seen with a firefighter and an unidentified woman huddling over it in a garden full of flowers with a larger building in the background.

They can be seen pouring water on the feline’s paw – as the firefighter administers CPR.

An emergency worker can be heard saying “hang on, kitty!”.

At one point, the animal’s legs can be seen twitching, and then reaching out.

Reports state that the cat – although shaken – survived its brush with death and was reunited with a very happy and exceptionally relieved owner.

The video ends with the firefighters hosing down the inside of the blackened garage with particles blowing out.

(c) Sky News 2021: Firefighter uses CPR to resuscitate cat after blaze in Italian garage


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